Design and modify data collection processes to accommodate patient needs


Modify and add data collection forms without needing to plan database changes.


Take patient data of whatever type suits them: text, images, video, audio

Manage Expenses

Collect receipts, approve expenses and make payments all in-system

Performer Applications

Save time and reduce errors with EventHalo's flexible application forms, custom review processes, and online payment processing.


Crew Catering

Reduce cost and improve attendee experience, from simple crew lists, to hundreds of managed lists, MealWheel® makes it all easy.


workflow connections

EventHalo is a platform to integrate your event, from planning, to show days, and post-event analytics.

Less data entry, faster delivery, and fewer errors -  connecting up your workflow really helps.

From applications to purchase orders, and inventory to invoicing, EventHalo can help you keep control.

Next Steps...

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